Feb 3, 2014

Jacoomusic.com | Coding | General Update

hey guys, I feel I should let you know what's going on. So as you probably know by now Jacoomusic has been live for some time now, but it won't stay this way forever. The way it is operating now is through a sitebuilder app and html side by side. This makes it a bit tiring to update the different pages with fresh tracks and information, which is why I'm learning html now. I've gone out of my way to learn html and css so that I can rebuild Jacoomusic from scratch in some time, making it much more adaptable to different devices, quicker and also even better looking. I will eventually also be learning Javascript so that I can include in some animation too, but that will have to wait a couple months :D

As for how music goes I've been trying some different stuff lately. I've made some chill house and even tried making a hammock inspired post-rock track which is called "Watching you breathe"(Don't mind the creepy title, it was intended to be cute). I've also been going back a bit to my regular Dubstep with vocal chops in "Eunoia".

last thing I wanna say is just a big thank you to everyone of you who supports me by buying me tracks and donating, or even just sharing my posts on Twitter or Facebook. All the money is helping me keep doing this without much effort and I've even been able to set up another remix contest for which the winner will be picked late this February (there are some really good submissions already, so look forward to it).

Looking forward to 2014 with you guys!

Dec 3, 2013

New project - Jacoo's Mastering Service

Hey guys! I was feeling a bit bored and was reminded of the many music projects lying at home waiting for me. Without there being much of a connection this thought struck me: are there people wanting mastering? and I concluded yes, because I wanted cheap mastering when I want a newbie. So I decided to start a really cheap mastering service. It's only in trial phase right now and I'm seeing if I'm able to do this thoroughly.

If you are a producer and wondering what I am talking about, I'm speaking of mastering for as little as 2 dollars. So if you think this sounds interested you can read more over at the Facebook page


Please visit and give the page a like if you can :)

Nov 26, 2013

New hammock album - Oblivion Hymns

Hammock just released a new album and I'm loving it! Even after so many songs they manage to surprise me, and this time I'm so in love with their use of strings. They've included them before, but this time their really the star of the show. As you probably know I'm a huge fan of pianos, but I'm also a general fan of orchestral instruments, so this goes right up my valley.

If I had to pick a favorite track of of this album it would have to be track 8 "In the Middle of This Nowhere". Such a powerful and ambient tune. Had me staring empty out into the air, then suddenly falling back to the real world as it ended.

3. "Turning Into Tiny Particles… Floating Through Empty Space"


5. "Holding Your Absence"

are also great tracks! definitely going in my favorites list :,D

Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed

Nov 24, 2013

Words Of Thought

I was just watching some interview on television where this man said "there are only a certain amount of notes out there, the trick is arranging them in the right way". It's not like I didn't know it, it's quite obvious, but it reminded me of my own producing. One thing is creating a nice melody that make people energized and wanting to dance, but that you can also imitate (or rather inflict) emotions on people...through a melody. I have to admit that I myself isn't as attached to music as I wish I was. I can't turn on music and get lost in another world, forgetting about life and all of it's problems. However I do have some moments where I watch a film or listen to a specific song where it will hit that spot. Where you can somehow relate and just can't help that a tear from falling down your cheek.

Now...somehow I'm also able to do that same thing. People like a lot of my stuff and do tell me. I often get messages/comments about how my stuff is touching, or made them cry. That I can help other people that way is really something. Now, I can't say I'm touched by my own stuff in that way, but it has happened with a few songs. I mean, some tracks aren't even meant to be emotional, but others are purely just that. Emotional. Depression is the track that hits me the strongest. It just means so much to me and it hits that spot. I don't want to say that I can relate to it, but it's definitely a part of me.

So yea, I'm just gonna leave u with the track

Sep 26, 2013

Making it work

So I haven't been able to write as much as I would like on this blog so far, but that doesn't mean I have chosen to abandon the idea of it! I will surely try to post whenever I have time, or find something interesting because statistics show there are actually people visiting this blog. So what have I been up to?

I've started school again and to be honest that doesn't leave me very much free time. The first week of school I planned to do about a track a month, just so I wouldn't disappear completely, however I should've known better. I can't keep myself away from making music for that long xD. So as you've probably discovered I'm releasing tracks about every week now, however I'm sad to say it won't always be like this. There will be times with a lot more homework than what I have now. And even though I know I can't pull myself completely from music, I'll have to try my best at prioritizing.

BUT we can't just focus on the negative. I've got a release 1st of october on Heroic records, which will be my first official label release! That's pretty awesome. It will be a pretty chill track that reminds a bit of A world of peace, which by the way has gotten better response than I could've ever hoped for :D. I also posted on Facebook asking if you guys wanted me to finish Myth (a liquid Dnb track) and you sure as hell want me to apparently. So I'll try to get that one out by 10th october if I can manage to. So there is tracks coming, at least for the next month, however as I said it won't be like this forever.

Just want to end by giving a big thank you to everyone who share my stuff with their friends and family. It really helps me get out there, which further motivates me to keep pushing things out (even in though times). If you haven't yet and think you know someone who might enjoy my stuff too don't hesitate to give them a link to one of my tracks :)

Much love <3

Aug 13, 2013

When it's not possible

Hey guys!

So I've been listening to Jazzdefector since I found him quite a few months back. What he does is record his guitar playing and then he adds some amazing filters to create the most chilled sounds. You won't believe it, I go into trance every time I hear a new upload by him. Of course some of it is better than other stuff, but I love it all. My favorite though, is "Hello Blue Sky" featuring the most emotional and touching melody. I don't know why it hits so hard, and it's weird that it does because the chords used aren't close to what I usually know as emotional (or feelsy).

I'm going to let you experience it yourself
If you don't think that is the most beautiful thing then I don't know you (I probably don't know you either way...but I don't like you >:c ). Being in love with this little thing I also really wanted to add to it. I really wanted to add some chilled drums and maybe some harmonies and a chilled piano melody too. However being improvised guitar playing (yes, I forgot to mention. A lot of what he does is improvised. Like it wasn't impressive enough already), it really hasn't got a steady BPM. Therefore I can't really add rhythm to it. So since I discovered it, I've just let the idea go away....Until I found it again recently.

I really think that if I chop it up and put it back together in another pattern, I'll be able to make it a stable BPM - Allowing me to add all the stuff I'd like! So now you know what i'm doing when no songs are posted for a while (Don't worry, I still usually post at least a song each month).

Which bring me to another topic - School.
I'm starting School in few days, and so my production sessions will suffer. I won't have as much time to make music, so therefore I won't get as many tracks done as fast as I'd like. I will however still try to release at least one song each month through school. I usually don't spend more than 3-4 days to complete a track, so it seems pretty doable.

Remember to check out Jazzdefector's other stuff, it's the best!!


Aug 12, 2013

Welcome To Jacoo's Blogg

Hey and Welcome to JacooMusic, my blog as a producer. I'm not sure if I'm going to be actively using this, but we'll see. I'll post anything from updates of my music to songs I really like and want to share with you. As you can see to the right, I've added a soundcloud widget so that you can listen to the music itself while reading whatever interesting stuff (It's gonna be pretty damn interesting) I post. So this is my first post on here (hopefully not my last), and you are here because of one of two reasons

1. You saw me posting a link to this blog somewhere, whether it be Plug.dj, my Facebook page or Twitter.

2. You we're looking for some spanish rapper named Jacool and accidently hit the L before enter. If this is you don't go! Sure, I'm no spanish rapper with a cool red cap and a stoner look, but I make pretty chilled out drum & bass and Chillstep! So check it out anyways....and then u can go listen to Jacool's crazy beats. 

If you fit description number one however, you probably know that I've released a new Liquid dubstep tune called "A World Of Peace"which is one my my most chilled tracks yet. I personally love it, and I think you will too :) You are probably already listening to it because I set my widget to play automatically, but here it is again :D So have a listen.