Aug 12, 2013

Welcome To Jacoo's Blogg

Hey and Welcome to JacooMusic, my blog as a producer. I'm not sure if I'm going to be actively using this, but we'll see. I'll post anything from updates of my music to songs I really like and want to share with you. As you can see to the right, I've added a soundcloud widget so that you can listen to the music itself while reading whatever interesting stuff (It's gonna be pretty damn interesting) I post. So this is my first post on here (hopefully not my last), and you are here because of one of two reasons

1. You saw me posting a link to this blog somewhere, whether it be, my Facebook page or Twitter.

2. You we're looking for some spanish rapper named Jacool and accidently hit the L before enter. If this is you don't go! Sure, I'm no spanish rapper with a cool red cap and a stoner look, but I make pretty chilled out drum & bass and Chillstep! So check it out anyways....and then u can go listen to Jacool's crazy beats. 

If you fit description number one however, you probably know that I've released a new Liquid dubstep tune called "A World Of Peace"which is one my my most chilled tracks yet. I personally love it, and I think you will too :) You are probably already listening to it because I set my widget to play automatically, but here it is again :D So have a listen.

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