Aug 13, 2013

When it's not possible

Hey guys!

So I've been listening to Jazzdefector since I found him quite a few months back. What he does is record his guitar playing and then he adds some amazing filters to create the most chilled sounds. You won't believe it, I go into trance every time I hear a new upload by him. Of course some of it is better than other stuff, but I love it all. My favorite though, is "Hello Blue Sky" featuring the most emotional and touching melody. I don't know why it hits so hard, and it's weird that it does because the chords used aren't close to what I usually know as emotional (or feelsy).

I'm going to let you experience it yourself
If you don't think that is the most beautiful thing then I don't know you (I probably don't know you either way...but I don't like you >:c ). Being in love with this little thing I also really wanted to add to it. I really wanted to add some chilled drums and maybe some harmonies and a chilled piano melody too. However being improvised guitar playing (yes, I forgot to mention. A lot of what he does is improvised. Like it wasn't impressive enough already), it really hasn't got a steady BPM. Therefore I can't really add rhythm to it. So since I discovered it, I've just let the idea go away....Until I found it again recently.

I really think that if I chop it up and put it back together in another pattern, I'll be able to make it a stable BPM - Allowing me to add all the stuff I'd like! So now you know what i'm doing when no songs are posted for a while (Don't worry, I still usually post at least a song each month).

Which bring me to another topic - School.
I'm starting School in few days, and so my production sessions will suffer. I won't have as much time to make music, so therefore I won't get as many tracks done as fast as I'd like. I will however still try to release at least one song each month through school. I usually don't spend more than 3-4 days to complete a track, so it seems pretty doable.

Remember to check out Jazzdefector's other stuff, it's the best!!


  1. nice, that jazzdefector song is beautiful :) good, glad we can stay friends now xP
    would be neat if u chop it up :) look forward to hearing it ^^