Feb 3, 2014

Jacoomusic.com | Coding | General Update

hey guys, I feel I should let you know what's going on. So as you probably know by now Jacoomusic has been live for some time now, but it won't stay this way forever. The way it is operating now is through a sitebuilder app and html side by side. This makes it a bit tiring to update the different pages with fresh tracks and information, which is why I'm learning html now. I've gone out of my way to learn html and css so that I can rebuild Jacoomusic from scratch in some time, making it much more adaptable to different devices, quicker and also even better looking. I will eventually also be learning Javascript so that I can include in some animation too, but that will have to wait a couple months :D

As for how music goes I've been trying some different stuff lately. I've made some chill house and even tried making a hammock inspired post-rock track which is called "Watching you breathe"(Don't mind the creepy title, it was intended to be cute). I've also been going back a bit to my regular Dubstep with vocal chops in "Eunoia".

last thing I wanna say is just a big thank you to everyone of you who supports me by buying me tracks and donating, or even just sharing my posts on Twitter or Facebook. All the money is helping me keep doing this without much effort and I've even been able to set up another remix contest for which the winner will be picked late this February (there are some really good submissions already, so look forward to it).

Looking forward to 2014 with you guys!


  1. Maybe rather than learning HTML, look into PHP. I think in te long run you won't regret the step up.

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