Dec 3, 2013

New project - Jacoo's Mastering Service

Hey guys! I was feeling a bit bored and was reminded of the many music projects lying at home waiting for me. Without there being much of a connection this thought struck me: are there people wanting mastering? and I concluded yes, because I wanted cheap mastering when I want a newbie. So I decided to start a really cheap mastering service. It's only in trial phase right now and I'm seeing if I'm able to do this thoroughly.

If you are a producer and wondering what I am talking about, I'm speaking of mastering for as little as 2 dollars. So if you think this sounds interested you can read more over at the Facebook page

Please visit and give the page a like if you can :)

1 comment:

  1. keep doing what you do bro.. much love all the way from india.. liquid never felt so liquid!