Nov 24, 2013

Words Of Thought

I was just watching some interview on television where this man said "there are only a certain amount of notes out there, the trick is arranging them in the right way". It's not like I didn't know it, it's quite obvious, but it reminded me of my own producing. One thing is creating a nice melody that make people energized and wanting to dance, but that you can also imitate (or rather inflict) emotions on people...through a melody. I have to admit that I myself isn't as attached to music as I wish I was. I can't turn on music and get lost in another world, forgetting about life and all of it's problems. However I do have some moments where I watch a film or listen to a specific song where it will hit that spot. Where you can somehow relate and just can't help that a tear from falling down your cheek.

Now...somehow I'm also able to do that same thing. People like a lot of my stuff and do tell me. I often get messages/comments about how my stuff is touching, or made them cry. That I can help other people that way is really something. Now, I can't say I'm touched by my own stuff in that way, but it has happened with a few songs. I mean, some tracks aren't even meant to be emotional, but others are purely just that. Emotional. Depression is the track that hits me the strongest. It just means so much to me and it hits that spot. I don't want to say that I can relate to it, but it's definitely a part of me.

So yea, I'm just gonna leave u with the track

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  1. i'm with you. depression is amazing... in fact, i really do love it <3 hits me too... if i could only take one of your tracks with me on a deserted island, it might have to be this one ;p